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Raising Arms

Effortless Communication

Central hub for all communication with your school community

Connecting Schools to Home in Real-Time

Our state-of-the-art, easy to use platform helps to improve communication between students, parents and teachers to create a more supportive learning environment; fosters collaboration to develop their teamwork skills; provide access to various resources to help students learn more effectively and efficiently; support student engagement to facilitate discussion and debate.

Everyone can use

This system can be used by a variety of stakeholders in the school community, including students, parents, teachers, and administrators.


Empower administrators with efficient communication tools and robust oversight, enhancing collaboration.


Elevate teaching by effortlessly sharing progress and key messages, ensuring students and parents are engaged.


Stay informed and engaged with a reliable information hub connecting you to the school community and activities.


Enhance performance, refine communication skills, maintain focus, acquire fresh knowledge, and foster peer collaboration.

Intuitive features with everything you need
Group Messaging

Our group messaging feature allows teachers to easily communicate with their entire class, or with smaller groups of students.

  • Sending announcements about upcoming assignments or tests

  • Sharing resources with students, such as handouts, worksheets, or links to online resources

  • Facilitating group discussions and collaboration

  • Providing feedback to students on their work

One-One Chat

Our one-on-one chat feature allows teachers to communicate with students individually. This can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Providing extra help to students who are struggling

  • Meeting with students to discuss their progress

  • Providing feedback to students on their work

Mobile Phone
A for Apple
Discussion Groups

Discussion group allows teachers and administrators to create groups of students who can discuss specific topics or projects.

  • Facilitating student collaboration on projects

  • Hosting book clubs or other discussion groups

  • Providing students with a forum to ask questions and share ideas

Contextual Messaging

Contextual messaging enables teachers to send messages to students based on their individual needs and interests.

  • Sending reminders to students about upcoming assignments or tests

  • Providing targeted feedback to students on their work

  • Sharing resources with students that are relevant to their interests

Built For Education

Educators can manage their site at all times, no matter where they are, and parents see their children are safely at school while feeling like they are participating in their children’s activities while they are away.

By combining these critical features into one comprehensive application, Zedbud cuts overhead operational costs and saves valuable time with its exclusive all-in-one platform.




Text messages allow for two-way communication, which means that students and families can respond to your messages and ask questions. This makes text messages more engaging and interactive than other communication methods.

Ready to connect your school using our cloud-based solution? Find out all the information you need to take the decision.

Connecting School to Home

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