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School Management System

The Key to a Smooth-Running School

Comprehensive Mobile-First System

School management software is no longer just for reporting purposes. Today's school management software is fully functional and can help schools improve their productivity and efficiency.

We offer a mobile-first system that is designed to be used on mobile devices, such as smartphones. This means that the system is designed to be easy to use and provide a good user experience on such devices. It allows users to access and update data in real time, which means that changes made to the system are immediately reflected everywhere.

Everyone can use

This system can be used by a variety of stakeholders in the school community, including students, parents, teachers, and administrators.


Create a positive environment for all by using tools to  communicate Confidently and moderate effectively.


Use a variety of channels to keep students and parents informed with messages they can't miss


Staying informed about your child's school is essential for supporting their learning and development.


Help improve performance, communication skills, stay on track, learn new things, and collaborate with their peers

Intuitive features with everything you need
User Information Management

Securely manage user information from anywhere using your mobile devices. Easily create locked information to act as soft school records.

  • Assign students and teachers to classes

  • View and update personal information including name, address, contact information etc.

  • Manage permissions for members of class

  • Remove users from classes and control information access

Updates based on Proposals

Users can propose changes to personal information from within the system. Allows admins to easily track and approve any changes.

  • Changes to information can be made inline, without the need for out-of-band information.

  • Easy approval process

  • Instantaneous access to proposals and updated information for all stakeholders

Mobile Phone
A for Apple
Attendance System

Advanced QR-code based attendance system where parents can quickly and easily see their child's attendance status and access a transparent history of attendance

  • Peace of mind: Parents can be confident that they know their child's attendance status

  • Efficiency: The system can help teachers and administrators save time by automating attendance tracking

  • Transparent history: The system provides a transparent history of attendance, which can be helpful for parents, teachers, and administrators


Allows real-time two-way communication between teachers, administrators, and students

  • You can collaborate on projects, and share information instantly, no matter where you are

  • Our two-way communication feature is a central hub for all communication with your school community. This means that you can use it to send messages to students, teachers, and parents, as well as to create discussion forums and share information

  • Secure and private communication so that you can be confident that your communications are safe and that only the intended recipients will see them

B for Bee

A user-friendly billing system that can help schools automate their billing process and ensure that they are always collecting tuition payments on time

  • Create custom invoices that include all of the necessary information.

  • Track tuition payments and to send reminders to students who are overdue.

  • Secure system that protects student and financial information.

  • Ensure that you are always collecting tuition payments on time

  • A user-friendly system that is easy to set up and use


Track the location of buses, manage bus routes, and communicate with parents and students about bus schedules

  • GPS tracking to track the location of buses in real time. This information can be used to see where buses are currently located, to see if they are on schedule, and to see if they are experiencing any delays.

  • Keep parents informed about the latest schedules to ensure smooth drop-off and pick-up.

  • Create and manage bus routes. This includes the ability to add stops, to change the order of stops, and to delete stops.

T for Turtle
J for Jellyfish
Secure Pick-Up Information Sharing

Schools and parents can rest assured that their students are safe with our secure pick-up information sharing system

  • System uses personal codes to confirm the identity of authorized pick-up persons. 

  • Schools can be confident that only those who are authorized are able to take their students home.

  • Parents can rest assured that their students are safe with our system.

Built For Education

Educators can manage their site at all times, no matter where they are, and parents see their children are safely at school while feeling like they are participating in their children’s activities while they are away.

By combining these critical features into one comprehensive application, Zedbud cuts overhead operational costs and saves valuable time with its exclusive all-in-one platform.


Improved Communication

School management software can help to improve communication between school staff, parents, and students. This can help to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that information is shared quickly and easily.

Ready to manage your school using our cloud-based solution? Find out all the information you need to take the decision.

Connecting School to Home

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