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School Communication Should be Easy

Zedbud is your comprehensive solution for educational connectivity and tracking needs.

Zedbud is your comprehensive solution for educational connectivity and tracking needs.

Why Choose Us

Zedbud keeps parents and educators connected in real-time with an all-inclusive app that tracks everything for you in one location. No more lost homework or forgotten permission slips – our features include everything educators and parents need to stay in touch, at the swipe of an app. 


Real-Time Communication Forum

Teachers and parents stay connected up to the minute.


Digitally Connect and Track

Your all-in-one paperless solution to staying connected and organized. 


Time and Money Saving


Mobile Apps

Cut operational and overhead costs with our comprehensive app.

Stay connected no matter where you are with apps for all devices


Want to streamline your communication efforts seamlessly? Let us help you with a personalized list of recommended features, tailored just for you! 


About us

The zedbud app was created and designed to be the easiest and most comprehensive connectivity tool for education facilities and parents. We have combined the best organizational applications for time and activity tracking, with the latest digital social media technology to allow parents “real-time” access and visibility with their children during school, daycare, or camp hours. The zedbud is your greatest all-in-one tool for educational tracking needs.

Access From Anywhere


Available on iPhoneiPadAndroid Phone, and Android Tablet. Zedbud works seamlessly across all major devices to keep your life in sync.


Perhaps the greatest advantage to integrating technology lies in the productivity improvements. It not only helps students to stay focused (taking less time to grasp lessons), but it also helps improve productivity for educators (and parents). Technology allows us to fully assess the educational understanding of students, allowing teachers and parents to easily pin-point areas of struggle to streamline learning. 


Technology and Educational Apps: Giving Students and Educators an Impressive Advantage

Jan 09, 2020


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The Only App You’ll Need for Education Connectivity.

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